About Us:
Attack FX is a creative visual FX studio that specializes in creating digital environments for film, television, games and other media. From production art and concept paintings to 3d modeling and digital matte painting, Attack FX utilizes the latest technology to
achieve a more efficient pre-production pipeline as well as a 3d digital environment pipeline. Attack FX is uniquely suited to assist directors in bringing their vision to life early on in the production and maintaining that vision clearly as the project moves forward into 3d and matte painting.

Attack FX was created by Art Director / Production Artist Nick Hiatt to establish a team of creative industry professionals who are devoted to production art and visual FX. The team is committed to delivering stunning imagery and beautiful landscapes for any part of the production pipeline. Be it concept painting or digitally projected 3d matte paintings, Attack FX takes pride in its experienced artists and unique craftsmanship.

Services :

-Matte Painting -
Attack FX offers a full suite of digital matte painting services by combining 3d environment modeling with digital environment painting
to generate breathtaking landscapes.
-Concept Painting-
Attack FX’s team of creative industry professionals specialize in production art and concept painting. Utilizing the latest techniques in digital painting and 3d modeling, our artists can capture the essence of your vision and quickly bring it to reality.
-3d Environments-
Attack FX has streamlined its 3d environment process by using the latest 3d technology and techniques. Utilizing digital matte painting skills and 3d camera projection techniques, Attack FX efficiently creates 3d environments for any type of media.
Attack FX's Production Illustrators and Concept Painters cover a wide range of styles and techniques for all stages of the production pipeline.
-Architectural Rendering-
Attack FX uses its extensive visual FX experience to bring your architectural models and renderings into a fully photo real setting.